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Where is Robins lost AXE? Stardew Valley Finding Robin's Lost Axe

Where is Robins lost AXE? Stardew Valley Finding Robin's Lost Axe: Robin, He is a villager who lives at 24 Mountain Road, on The Mountain, with her husband Demetrius, her daughter's name is Maru, and her son's name Sebastian. Before we will get into where to return Robin’s lost AXE, you must know two things first: How to get the quest from Robin and where to find the AXE. Robin is the town carpenter and runs her own Carpenter's Shop. Where is Robins lost AXE? Stardew Valley Finding Robin's Lost Axe.

Robin is married to Demetrius and lives with her daughter Maru and son Sebastian. Maru is her daughter with Demetrius, and Sebastian is from an earlier relationship. It is assumed that Demetrius is Robin's second husband because there are 2 books in the bookcase of their room titled "Maximizing Your Second Marriage" and "Practical Tips For First-Time Step-Dads."

Where is Robins lost AXE? Stardew Valley Finding Robin's Lost Axe

Where is Robins lost AXE?

Stardew is a game of skill and strategy. The game makes you complete the increasing real-life quests. The game is fun and enjoyable to play. The Stardew Valley “Robin’s Lost Axe” Story Quest is quick and easy to complete. It doesn’t require significant skill, or ingenuity to solve, Try to complete the quest as early as possible.

If you're experiencing your first spring in Stardew valley you'll get a message from robin asking you to help her find her lost. Doing so are you 2050 gold and 1 French apart which is where did she leave cracks. Hey everyone this is bobby from Newshubweek today I'm gonna show you where to find Robbins lost accident or one minute let's get started. 

Starting from your farm head south towards Martin's range once you get there keep going south in the richer bridge that will light across the water. Cross both bridges and again he going south eventually you'll reach some steps by sewer. When you get there to the right of the steps you'll find the accident besides the tree here's a quick look at where you should be on the map. AXE in hand now all you need to do is track down robin. Typically she's in our shop which is located in the northeast corner of the map.

However, sometimes she is and there will be walking around town you may have to look for. She will thank you for finding her axe this will be 250 golden one French apart before you part ways be sure to go back into your journal and accept their award. Below the guide helps you a lot.

Robins lost AXE

Step-by-Step guide

  • At first, you start to travel to Marnie’s ranch. If you want to reach You have two options. You can pass through Jodi’s hometown (Pelican town) and follow the loop towards the west. Or you can also reach directly from your farmhouse.
  • Then You continue walking south until reaching the bridge.
  • After Cross the bridge you need to move towards the east. Then will soon find a forest.
  • After entering the forest, keep moving through trees towards the east until you find a cliff.
  • Take south after the ledge
  • You always keep moving south until you find Robin’s lost Axe.
  • Take the Axe with you and go to Carpenter’s shop. . Robin should be present at the Carpenter’s shop. Give the Axe to Robin to complete the quest.
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Where is Robins lost AXE? Stardew Valley Finding Robin's Lost Axe

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