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Bigg Boss 14 3rd October Written Update 2020

Bigg Boss 14 3rd October Written Update 2020: Bigg Boss 14 3rd October 2020 Written Update Live Salman Khan Grand Premiere The global pandemic has stopped the country for six months. Bigg Boss stays unaffected by the pandemic. Bigg Boss promises high entertainment. 

Salman welcomes one and all in his show’s new season. Bigg Boss comes with Season 14. Salman defines real entertainment, admiring the power and reach of the Colors entertainment channel. 

Bigg Boss 14 3rd October Written Update 2020

Salman presents some humor around the country’s changed situation. The contestants on the show get an entry into the Bigg Boss house after a self-quarantine of 14 days to prevent the pandemic from spreading further.

Salman welcomes everyone to the new season of Bigg Boss which is Saath-Saath. He says all contestants are quarantined for 14 days before going in the house. He shows how helpers are sanitizing the set and the house. Salman jokes about the lockdown and how they have all become house workers. Salman says our audience will watch us from live telecasts to avoid any trouble. Salman says three ex-contestants are in the house already.

Bigg Boss 14 3rd October Written Update

Sidharth, Hina and Gauhar are shown. Sidharth says I never gave up, I won the last season. Hina says I have fought on my terms in the house. Gauhar says I have always stood for the right, I am a BB winner Gauhar Khan.

Gauhar dances in the house. Then she is shown in the BB house. She says I am in the kitchen of BB which I like a lot. Guahar’s season is shown and how she used to fight and take stand against others. Gauhar says I followed the rules last time but now I will be a rule maker.

Next, Hina Khan enters the house. She seductively dances to Swagni song. She sees the clip of her entrance in the show for the first time and how she danced to Lag Ja Gale, then her journey in the house is shown. How she had to endure pain but it paid off. Hina says I fulfilled my relationships too. Her friendship with Priyank is shown. She says new contestants should be worried as I am going to rule now, I am a lioness.

Sidharth’s entry is shown. He wakes up from the bed and he changes from his shorts to a three-piece suit. He sees the clip of his fights in the house, how he used to play alone. Sidharth I never cared and I don’t care, I will never care. 

His fights with Asim are shown, his hard work his shown. The boss plays as Sidharth shows off his attitude. Sid says it was not easy for me so I am not going to make it easy for this time’s contestants. Hina, Gauhar and Sid will make it challenging for new contestants.


Salman says till now, inmates had to follow Bigg Boss but now these three will rule the contestants.

Sid says I am in charge of the bedroom and anyone who will serve will get a peaceful sleep on the bed. They will have the most difficult 14 days.

Gauhar says I will rule the kitchen and anyone who wins my heart will cook and food. They don’t know what’s coming for them in the next 14 days.

Hina says I will own personal belongings on these contestants, if anyone goes against me then it will be destructive for them in the next 14 days. It will be fun.

Salman says Gauhar will own the kitchen, Sid will own the bedroom and Hina will own their things. This means the torture will start from day one for the inmates and entertainment will start for us. This season, the first 2 weeks will be a trial period for contestants. These three will test them and then confirm them ‘to be confirmed’ list to a final list of contestants. Salman says let’s meet our panel first.

Sid, Gauhar and Hina come on stage. Salman says no hugging. He welcomes them. Salman says let’s shake hands in a cooler way, he bumps the fists with them. Salman asks Sid you left yesterday only and now you are back? 

Sid says I thought to leave from here and have a new life but I am still stuck in the same life, all laugh. Salman asks Hina and Gauhar. They say it’s been good. Salman says I have been farming and staying home these months. Salman says we are smiling today but we are shaken from inside. 

We have to follow social-distancing rules, we have to be careful of Sid being angry and spreading Corona. Salman says Hina, Sid and Gauhar have done 14 days quarantine to be fit and stay int he house. Salman says when people came last season to clean the house, they found Sid staying there in the same shorts and Asim was waiting for him to come out to chew his ears off. 

All laugh off. Salman says for the first time in history, you people are chosen to test the inmates and decide who will stay in the show and who won’t. Sid says remember there was game-changing in 4 weeks in my season but this season will be a game-changer in 2 weeks for this season. Salman asks if their tests are done? They say 3 times. Salman hugs them and says I didn’t have my test done. They laugh and back off.

Salman tells Hina that we will ask you some questions about Sid and Gauhar. He brings a witness box and makes Hina stand inside. Salman says who between them can do anything to win the task? Hina says Sid. Salman says who is a better leader? She says Gauhar. Salman asks who was more loyal with their relationships in the house? 

Hina says Gauhar because she left for her friend, she didn’t leave her friend. Salman says she followed her loyalty after the house too, I warned her but she didn’t listen, he laughs. Salman asks who is more entertaining? Hina says Sid, he used to be calm and entertaining. Salman asks who was lazier between them? 

Hina laughs and says Sid. Salman asks if they were in the same season, who would have you voted for? She says Sidharth. Salman says I would have voted for Gauhar. Gauhar smiles and thanks him. Salman says it will be fun with you three in this season. Hina says we will try to entertain you. Salman says oh God. Salman asks her to come out of the witness box.

Salman says Gauhar looks excited because of Sidharth, you were following last season and you were vocal about Sid’s acts? Her tweets are shown which says that Sid is a goon and he doesn’t have manners. Gauhar says I don’t like foul language, his aggression was too much, he used to cross the language barrier. Sid says I have cursed 2-3 times only. Gauhar says I love your aggression but it was over the top.

Sid is in the witness box. Gauhar’s next tweet is shown which talks about Sid getting angry after being poked and how it was not a big thing. Gauhar says I thought Sid was a strong person so he shouldn’t have worried about others poking him, he lost his cool over small things, I am not an Asim fan, I talked as a viewer. 

Sid says fair enough, I used to let go but they say things which are wrong and doesn’t make sense, when your friends take others side then it starts affecting you, you become mentally unstable in that house. Salman asks Guahar what were her complaints? Gauhar says Sid doesn’t listen, he thinks he doesn’t know it all, second is his foul language.

Salman asks them what quality are they looking for in the inmates? Gauhar says they should have leadership quality, they should be fair and they should value this platform and this house. I don’t want to listen to people saying that they don’t want to stay here. Salman jokes that she said the same thing in her season. 

Hina says I want this show to show their real personality, I want inmates to show their real personalities like I showed mine. Salman asks Sid what qualities are he looking for? Sid says I don’t care about leadership qualities, I want to see their own personalities and they should be entertaining, the shouldn’t pretend for others, I want to see their real personalities. 

Salman says be careful when you go from here. Thank you for entertaining us which is why you become ‘Toofani Seniors’. Inmates will have to impress you to get off from the list ‘to be confirmed (TBC)’ and go to the main show. They will be rejected or selected on the basis of how they impress our seniors. It will be difficult for the inmates but these seniors will write the history for this season. Salman sees them off from the stage. They go in the house.


Hina, Gauhar and Sid go into the house and sit there. A priest prays for the new season.


Salman says you must be waiting for the first inmate. He is a lover boy of our TV serials. He is known as a romantic hero but it is advisable to not go against him in real life. He asks the prop ‘head’ about Eijaz. The head says Eijaz is a Gabbar. The first inmate ‘Eijaz Khan’ is shown.

Eijaz Khan:

He says I used to say no every year thinking I couldn’t do it but then I thought I will do it this time. I am a perfectionist, I don’t like stupid people, I get angry on the wrong things. My father told me not to be scared of anyone and I am not!

Eijaz comes on the stage and dances tera baap.. he dances with power and purpose. Salman welcomes him and says you didn’t forget dance? Eijaz laughs. Salman says it’s been years. Eijaz says I started dancing with you in 1999. Salman says you did a film with me and then left. Eijaz says I started in films with you and I will start here with you also. Salman says you are called Gabbar why?

Eijaz says I was born in the year when Sholay was at the top. Salman says you are happy with social distancing? Eijaz says I like to stay away from people, I love animals but I tolerate humans. Salman says that’s why you are still single? He says maybe. 

Salman says what if you like someone’s touch in the house? Eijaz says I am not habituated to touch now. Salman says lockdown has done this with people. They hear a woman asking them if he wants tea, coffee or her? Eijaz is confused. Another contestant’s entry is shown.

Nikki Tamboli:

She dances to Tumse milne ke baad dilbar. She comes on the stage. Eijaz waves at her. Salman says she is the beauty of South movies. Salman says are you all set? She says totally. Salman says let’s see your video. Her intro shows that she is attractive, she says I am naughty, hot and sizzling. People are crazy about bold looks. Usually, girls are jealous of me so I have boy friends more. 

If God has made me hot then what can I do if boys flirt with me? I have broken many hearts. BB says you will have many enemies like this in the house. She says I am like this and I don’t care, I will entertain people. I do comedy and I am fun. I can easily play with boys’ emotions but there is no competition for me. I am coming to steal hearts. The video ends.

Salman and Eijaz laugh at her video. Salman says you are like this? She says I am like this only in real life. Salman says Eijaz is like the same in real life. Eijaz laughs. Salman says you both have same personalities. Nikki says I don’t know him but I will find out. Salman says what do you think of him? Nikki says he seems calm unlike me. Salman says you said that boys flirt with you so that is a bad thing? Nikki says girls become jealous of me because of it. 

Salman says these boys can’t help it by seeing you? Eijaz is sweating in your presence. Nikki says he is not even looking at me. Salman says he is trapped in your beauty. He says yes, I am gone (being sarcastic). Salman asks Nikki how soon she will cry in the house? She says boys make me cry a lot, I am very emotional and they take advantage of it. Salman says but you break hearts? 

Nikki says I like to break hearts and then I cry in happiness. If I have a boyfriend and others flirt with me then he tortures me, I am single now so I can have fun in the house. I have been bored in the lockdown, I am waiting to enjoy in the house. Salman says have you listen to the other seasons? She says yes. Salman says what do you want to do in this season? 

Nikki says I want to entertain everyone. Salman says you have already entertained Eijaz so much, he told me that he wants to marry you. She says really? Eijaz laughs. Nikki says I am very bubbly, I want to talk all the time. I will have so much fun in the house, I am young and bubbly so people will connect with me. Salman says all are connecting with you, they will have fun with you. Salman asks her if she likes to talk to girls or boys? Nikki says girls are falling for me too these days so I am staying away from them. Salman says if there are no boys then? 

Nikki says I will talk to BB inside the house. Sid watches her and says BB’s eye will twitch now. Hina laughs. On the stage, Salman tells Nikki that you will know about the stress of the house soon. How will you deal with it? Nikki says when I am stressed, I am pampering myself, I like to dress up, I will do tasks in lehengas, I keep myself busy so much that I don’t think about stress anymore. Salman says I feel like you have treatment for everything so I have a problem for Eijaz. He has a problem for Touch. 

Nikki says play some music. She dances around him on touch me touch me.. Eijaz laughs and ignores her, he is awkward while she keeps dancing around him. Eijaz dances with her a little bit. Salman says his touch-phobia is gone, you both have a bright future with this chemistry. 

Eijaz laughs. Salman says let’s hear about your future from Shri Janardan Swami. He asks Janardan on a video call about Nikki and Eijaz’s chemistry. He asks Nikki to breathe, he says she is very clever. She looks innocent but she knows how to trap people.

She will have a bright future. Salman asks about Eijaz. Swami tells him to follow his mind, I see you going a long way. Salman asks about himself. Swami says you have a bright future. Salman says but I am still not married, do something that I am never married. Swami says your time is gone now for any problem. Salman dances around. Salman asks about his family. Swami says my kids have studied, I have 8 kids. Salman says when did you get time to study all this then? All laugh.

Salman tells Nikki that you have to give a test before going into the house. You know IQ right? Do you know what PQ is? She says no. Salman says we will ask about BBQ which is the Bigg Boss quotient. We will see if you qualify to go in the house or not. 

If you fail this then you are rejected. Salman says our seniors will give you a task. They bring a gunky liquid. Salman says you have to do things in the house which go against your personality. Nikki loves her manicure but now she has to dirty her hands. We have got this water from BB’s gutter. She has to find the medal in this. Eijaz and Nikki will together. 

They both try to find the medal. Nikki gets the medal. Salman says Nikki won the task. Salman says let’s see what our special audience (Sid, Gauhar, Hina) have decided for you both. Salman asks the seniors about Nikki. Hina tells Sid that Nikki was fun and Eijaz is really good but we will get stuck. Sid says we will see. 

Gauhar says let’s go. They select Nikki first. Nikki says I knew this would happen. Salman laughs and sees her off to the house. Salman asks about Eijaz. They select Eijaz also. Eijaz is sent to the house.


Eijaz enters the house and looks around. He sighs and skips to the lounge. He says wow, it’s like a bar. He sees a glass door (BB mall) but can’t go inside. He sits on the sofa and says nice.

Nikki enters the house and sits in front of Gauhar, Hina and Sid. Sid says you are beautiful. Sid says we are the special audience and will decide if you are going inside or not. Hina says you look talented so I am going to give you a situation. 

Think Sid is your boyfriend and he is getting married today to someone else so you have to convince him to come back to you. Gauhar says make it difficult for him, he is not your boyfriend but you like him so you have to convince to marry you and not the other girl. Nikki takes some props. Sid sits on the chair and Nikki sits on his lap. She says you know me, she jumps on him but Sid moves away and pleads her, he says I don’t know you. 

She says I love you a lot, Sid says I am getting married. Nikki says I have been with you for 2 years. Sid says what are you doing? Hina says don’t fight with him, you have to convince him. Nikki says I love you, she moves closer to him. Sid pleads to leave him alone. Hina and Gauhar laugh. They clap for Sid. Gauhar says Sid is scared. 

Hina says your quality is that you are not scared. Sid says you are honest? She says a lot. Hina says you can go in the house for now. Gauhar says but it’s ‘TBC’, you are not confirmed, you will know after 2 weeks if you are staying here permanently or not. She thanks them and goes in the house. Sid says she is full-on. Hina laughs.

Nikki comes to the main house and sees Eijaz there. She says hi. He says you took time. She looks at BB Mall and looks around. She says it’s amazing, she says the bedroom has a double-bed. 

Eijaz says you want a double bed? She says I will have partners and friends so I won’t be bored. He says Nikki right? She says yes. Nikki says I am so excited. Eijaz says I have chosen my single bed. She says really? You don’t like touching because of COVID? He says I like to be alone but I can’t be alone here so don’t scare me. Nikki laughs.


Salman says we have many couples but there are very few ‘happily married’ but we are going to meet one today. Let’s see their bond. Next two contestants are shown.

Rubina Dilak and Abhinav Shukla:

They romantically dance in a phone booth. Abhinav pulls her closer and dances with her on ankh lar jaave. Rubina dances in his arms and smiles.

Salman welcomes them after sanitizing them. Salman asks them how was their lockdown? Was it like 6 years? Rubina says he thinks we have been married for 10 years when it’s just 6 months. Salman asks how many fights did they have in the lockdown? Abhinav says we had a lot of fights but then we thought to come here to witness others fight more. Salman says who fought more in the house? 

Abhinav says Rubina fought and the reason was that I forgot to bring coffee. Rubina says we fought on quarantine and Abhinav is very strict with it. Salman says you were in the same show? She says 12 years back but I didn’t remember him, then we reconnected 6 years ago, he was highlighted in events and parties. His voice is very charming. Salman says his face has niceness. Rubina says I am still smitten by him. Salman says we will know this in the house, they laugh.

Salman tells Rubina and Abhinav that we will have BBQ which will decide if you deserve to stay here or not. Our special audience will decide if you should go in the house or not. Salman says your task will be different. You will have to answer some difficult questions by journalists. We will have a press conference today. Abhi says we are not scared of God but press. Salman laughs.

They connect to a video call with journalists. Salman says we have Amit from AAJ TAK, there is Gitika from NEWS TV, Charu from India TV, Rohit from NDTV. Salman says let’s start the questions. Amit asks Rubina and Abhi that BB has a liking towards bahus, Rubina has a lot of popularity against Abhinav, will your relationship change in the house? will you fight and eliminate? Abhi says no, the husband-wife relationship is above everything, I will grab her fans. If she wins or I win, the trophy will go home. 

Rubina says I am his biggest fan, he is the most important man in my life. Rohit asks them how their lives changed after marriage? Rubina says we took the expectations out of the way. Gitika asks what’s Abhi’s negative quality? Rubina says he delays things a lot, he is lazy. He does things on his own. Salman says he doesn’t do things? Rubina says what I ask him he doesn’t do but he is repairing his bikes all the time. Salman says he is the son of a scientist. Rubina says but he doesn’t bring veggies. Salman says motorcycle is his first love. 

Rubina says my salad is important too. Charu asks Abhi what he doesn’t like about Rubina? Rubina says she multi-task a lot, she leaves her food and gets busy with her phone. Rubina says I want to explain that this is a strength, as a woman I multi-task but men can focus on one thing only. Salman says they shouldn’t even try to multi-task. Rubina says I call my parents while eating, then I do my workout before eating. 

He takes my strength as a weakness. Abhi says I admit my mistake. Charu asks Rubina what she doesn’t like about Abhi? Rubina says I want to give my input in his work, my intentions are good. We were packing bags today, I tried to help him but he took everything out and then packed again. He doesn’t appreciate my help. Charu says we heard from the sources that there was trouble in your marriage? You both had friction? Abhinav says lockdown was stressful but we have moved forward from there. Salman says we are happy to be back on work. The conference ends.

Salman tells Rubina and Abhinav that two people can move forward together in the house if they have understanding. The task is that you have to kiss for 2 minutes but you have to count 2 minutes. Abhi kisses Rubina’s forehead and counted the seconds. Salman says it was 2 minute for you and 2 hours for us. 

Salman says Abhi was off by 15 seconds only. Hina says this man is very calculative. Salman gives them a gift hamper. Salman says let’s ask our special audience (Hina, Gauhar and Sid). Salman asks for Rubina first. Gauhar says we should split them. They reject Rubina and select Abhi. Rubina gets seated on the stage while they stamp her forehead with ‘rejected’.


Abhi meets Sid, Hina and Gauhar. Sid says I know you very well, we started together. Let’s do a ramp-walk. Abhi does a ramp-walk. They ask him to take off his shirt and walk. He does and walks for them. They all clap. Abhi is selected and goes in the house.

Eijaz says I can’t eat pulse and rice. Nikki says I have my needs, I can’t eat this simple food. I can cook but I can’t eat this food.

Abhi goes in the house and meets everyone.


Salman welcomes Jasmin.

JASMIN Bhasin:

She is shown scared of BB. She comes on the stage. Salman says you were quarantined? He talks about her KKK journey. She says people have seen one side, I get angry too. Salman says what have you noticed here? He shows her Rubina and she says we are in the same building. We talked a little. Jasmin says I am happy to hear that Rubina makes tasty food so I am fine. Salman asks if she has paid her bills and everything? 

She says yes, I have paid for my dogs’ expenses also. My house help is managing them. Salman says Rubina was rejected. Jasmin says who did this? Salman says our special audience did this. He tells Jasmin that this house is a leveler, you can be a big celebrity but you have to do all the house work. Jasmin says I will do my work but not for others. Salman says your friends went last year? 

She says yes, Sid and Rashami. Salman says what mistakes you won’t repeat? Jasmin says Sid can easily be provoked and gets angry. I won’t be angry by others. Salman says about Rashami? Jasmin says she played her game and intentionally provoked others, I won’t do that. Salman says you are going to give a test now. We will have a BBQ with you now. Rubina says I want her selected.

Jasmin says I don’t want rejection written on my forehead like Rubina’s. I have heard she is sweet so I hope she doesn’t show her other side. Salman laughs. He says there were rumors that you were a reason for Sid and Rashami’s fight? She says I make people become friends, this is totally wrong. I ask people to talk and sort things out. I don’t like negativity. Salman says our special audience will decide if you are selected or not. 

They are watching you. You will have to do a a task, you have to be understanding in the house so we will give you practice. You will decide what inmates will eat tonight and what. You can buy things and we will give you an amount. He shows her the menu and gives her money 2020. He says you have to be careful for everyone. She gets 5 non-veg biyani. He says you have 90 seconds. She says I will get veg-noodles for the remaining amount. Salman laughs and says easily done? 

Jasmin says they can share this easily. Salman says this was great, to get noodles for all the amount. Salman asks the special audience about her. Hina says her personality is honest. I don’t know about her and Rashami but she shouldn’t bring it up. Sid says Salman brought it up, she was friends with me earlier, I didn’t talk to her so I am not taking her side. Gauhar says she is fun. Hina says I am okay with selection or rejection. They select Jasmin. Jasmin thanks Salman. Salman says all the very best. Jasmin goes in the house.


Jasmin goes in the house and meets Hina, Gauhar and Sid. Sid says earlier was childs play, you can’t cry here. Gauhar says we will ask you questions and you can’t react to anything. Gauhar asks her questions while Hina acts like cutting her hair. 

Sid breaks bottles around her but she gets scared. Gauhar asks her to answer her and not focus at them. They try to scare her but she keeps her cool. Gauhar asks what if she finds her love in the house? She says I am here to play a game. They say good. They ask whom she will choose? She says I like Hina and she is strong-headed. I want to be like her.

Jasmin enters the main house and meets everyone. She introduces herself.

Later Nikki has a problem with Eijaz not changing and sitting on the bed. Jasmin says you will have a problem people here, she says yes I have OCD. She says Eijaz has an OCD too.

Nikki tells everyone that I have heard Eijaz is aggressive, someone told me. Eijaz says do I look aggressive? She says no, but I have heard. Abhi says anyone can be aggressive if you talk bad about their parents. Jasmin says yes, I can’t bear it.

Nikki says BB sends some good boys. Eijaz says you are saying Abhi and I are not good looking? She says I didn’t mean that.

Some food falls from the floor. Eijaz asks Nikki to pick it up, she says these are three rice pieces, you can pick it up, my nails will be dirty. Eijaz says I am not picking up.

Later she tells Jasmin that Eijaz is picky and was not cleaning rice. Jasmin says you have OCD so you should have picked it up. Nikki says It was dirty.


Salman says let’s meet our next contestant. He is very famous with young people.

Nishant Singh Malkani:

He says I am very sorted and I like fitness. I am very focused about my health. If I like someone then I am very understanding but if I don’t then they can’t me make like them. I need to be the first in everything. I get angry very easily. I don’t like anyone misbehaving with women. I will find myself on this journey.

Salman meets him and asks if his anger will take him out? He says I think we should express our feelings and if we are angry then we should take it out. Salman asks if he has noticed anything here? 

He says this is the biggest moment of my life, I have worked 10 years to be here. Salman says thank you, what else do you see? Nishant says I said hi to Rubina but she didn’t say it back. She says I did. Nishant tells Salman he is a big fan, he says his dialogues. Salman says we will give you a task. They hear someone coming there. Salman says we will meet our new contestant now.

Shahzad Doel:

Salman welcomes him on the stage and says he a model from Punjab. He was in the two reality shows and was a finalist. Salman asks about his plan? Shahzad says I want to follow your foot-steps. We don’t see turban models so I want to follow some Punjabi models.

 I am happy to be here. Salman says you are passionate about female models too? He laughs and says no. Salman jokes if he is like Sunny Doel? Nishant shouts like Sunny and all laugh. Salman asks if Shahzad has noticed anything? Shahzad says I have watched this show a lot. Salman says here? Rubina hides but he sees her. 

Shahzad says we are going to have fun now. Salman says we will decide if you can go in the house or not will be decided by BBQ. Salman asks if Nishant can change Sid’s aggression or Gauhar leaving the house with Kushal? He says Sid’s aggression as he misbehaved with a lot of girls. Hina laughs and says someone tells him that Sid has the right to choose him or not. Salman asks Shahzad if he can take Hina or Gauhar on a date then who will he choose? He says Hina Khan. 

I have seen her season, her fashion quotient was amazing, she was presentable and I was a fan. Gauhar is very hot but I like Hina a lot. Nishant says you don’t find Salman hot? Salman says I will not go with him. Salman says if you find a partner in the house then? Nishant says we have a lot of time and if I find a real person then I will take up that relationship. 

Salman tells Shahzad that we have heard you fall in love in 2 minutes? He says I am a Punjabi so it happens with me a lot. Salman says both have hero qualities but we have to see who is a better hero, which will be decided by our heroine. Let’s call her, don’t fall in love Shahzad. Salman says welcome our new contestant.

Sarah Gurpal:

She says I am a singer, model and actress. She says I am a Punjabi and Haryanvi. She says I have made a place in Punjab actor world. I respect love but if you misbehave then I am the worst. I love myself a lot, my film will be hit.

Sarah comes on the stage and sings her song Jaatni. Salman enjoys her song. Nishant and Shahzad looks on. They also enjoy her performance. Salman praises her song. Salman says she is a known artist in Punjab. Sarah says I like authentic accents, especially Punjabi. 

She greets Shahzad and Nishant. She does punjabi poetry and says ‘S’ for Sarah and ‘S’ for Salman. Salman jokes ‘S’ for Shahzad. She says no no. Salman says to Sarah that do you see anyone? She sees Rubina. Rubina says you sing very well. She says you are beautiful Rubina. Rubina says I was rejected and I am sitting here. 

Salman says she failed BBQ. You have to make these boys do their tasks. She asks them to do an arm wrestling first. Nishant and Shahzad show power but Nishant makes him lose. Salman says the next round is pole dancing. Nishant s*xily dances while Shahzad does bhangra. Sid laughs. Salman says the last round is them proposing Sarah, she will select one. Shahzad says I will go first. Nishant says he is eager. Shahzad says her song was about Jaatni nu Jaat chahiye. He says I am a Jaat and she is a Jaatni so we should be together. Nishant says I have a ring with me. 

Shahzad gives her a fake ring. He says you are very pretty and says you look like a duck. All laugh at his try of praising her. Sarah says you are a piece. Salman can’t stop laughing. Sarah says so sorry. ,,

Pavitra says I am a loving girl but if you poke me then I am not someone to be messed with. Salman asks how do you start your day? She says I can’t stay away from tea and pizza. He asks if she knows why they are sitting here? He nods at Sarah, Nishant and Rubina. He says they were rejected in BBQ. He says you have to pass BBQ. He asks if she will nominate herself to save someone else?

Salman says let’s ask our special audience. He asks Pavitra first. Gauhar says Pavitra can handle the rejection better. Hina says I think she should get selected. They select Pavitra. Salman sends her to the house. Salman says now let’s ask about Jaan Kumar. They reject Jaan. Salman applies the stamp on him and makes him walk on legos and gunk to go to the chair.


Pavitra meets Sid, Hina and Gauhar. Sid says we will give you a task, we will show you some pictures and you have to talk about them. They show her Eijaz. She says he will observe everyone. She says Jasmin will be very clever and smart. She says he has wannabe vibes. She says Nikki will try to make a place in guys’ hearts. Hina says you observed well. She says Abhi will keep to himself, he will answer back but he won’t provoke for no reason, he looks sorted. Gauhar says we don’t know if you will go after 2 weeks as you are in TBC right now. They send her to the main house.


Salman says our house is lit up now. Someone asked for blessings before they went into the house.

A priest enters the house and prays for its success. She says it’s beautiful. She touches some stones and prays. They show her BB shopping mall. They show her the kitchen. She says greenery is nice. BB thanks her for coming and purging the house. He asks how she liked the house? She says its very nice, I pray to Mata for its success.

Salman says we are bringing our last contestant.

Rahul Vaidya:

He is a singer. He says I have got everything from my singing. I am a sorted person. I like cars and watches. He says I like to travel a lot, I am not egoistic. BB says you are very down to earth. He says I am a happy man, if I find love in the house then I am fine. He says I am going there to have a good time.

Salman welcomes Rahul and jokes about his simple life. Rahul sings Dil Diyan Gallan. Salman welcomes him and says you are very simple. He says I didn’t have any experience with reality shows. I like watches and cars but I like a simple life, I don’t make my life complicated. Salman shows his tweet of asking if he can buy a helicopter of 4 crores? Rahul says it was 4 years ago. 

I wanted to buy it to keep flying time to a minimum. I have done a lot of concerts. Salman shows them rejected contestants and says they were rejected by the special audience as they didn’t pass BBQ. Salman says we will do BBQ with you also. Salman calls Janardan and asks about Rahul. Janardan says you will become very famous. Rahul says when will my love life be complete? He says you will get many girls. 

Rahul says when will I get the one? He says you will meet a girl through someone. Salman connects to his parents on a video call. His mom gets emotional. He says I am not going for a war so don’t worry. Her mother asks her to win.Salman asks the special audience and he is selected. He goes in the house.


Rahul meets Hina, Sid and Gauhar. Hina tells him that you will be selected by us. If you want to sleep then you have to get a kiss on the cheek from a girl with a witness. If you don’t get a kiss then you can’t sleep. Welcome to Bigg Boss. He thanks them and leaves.


Salman tells everyone that 2 weeks will be crucial. We will know who will move from ‘to be confirmed’ to the final list. Let’s wait and see how it goes. He ends the episode.

Credit: Telly Updates

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