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What is Web Hosting and 6 types of Hosting

What is Web Hosting and 6 types of Hosting: Today I will tell you what is web hosting? It is an essential part of your website. If you are thinking of creating a professional website on WordPress or Blogger, then it is necessary to know about Domain Name and Web Hosting. Today in this post we are going to give you information about what web hosting is, and also know how many types are there ( what is web hosting ).

But those who are new in the blogging community and do not know much about the meaning of hosting. I mean to say many new bloggers choose the wrong hosting according to their needs, and its result they will face a lot of problem in the future.

What is Web Hosting and 6 types of Hosting

Therefore, in this article today, I will give you information about Hosting Meaning and what are these types so that you can choose the right hosting for your website.

1. What is Web Hosting

Web hosting provides the service of giving space to all websites on the Internet. By this, the site of any individual or organization can access through the Internet all over the world. It giving space, I mean to store your website's files, images, videos, etc. on a personal computer. It is called a web server.

The computer stays connected to the Internet 24 × 7 all the time. Web hosting service is provided by many companies like Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc. And we also call them web host. We can even say that to store our website in other high powered computers (web servers), we pay them to rent as we pay for living in a rented house.

2. How web hosting works

When we create our website, we want that we share our knowledge and information with people, so for that, we have to upload our files on web hosting first. After doing this, whenever an Internet user types your domain name on their web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera), like

www.newshubweek.com.Then after that, the Internet connects your domain name to the webserver where the files of your website have already stored. After adding all the information on the site reaches the user's computer, then from there the user views the page according to their needs and receives knowledge.

DNS (Domain Name System) is used to add Domain Name to the hosting. It tells the domain which web server your website placed in, why each server has different DNS.

3. Where to buy web hosting?

Many companies in the world provide better hosting. If you want all your visitors to be from India, then it would be great to buy hosting from India. Your hosting server will be far away from your country. It will take you more time to access the website. If you want to buy hosting from an Indian company, you will not need a credit card for that. You can buy your ATM card or through Internet banking. Once you buy the hosting, you can easily access it by adding it with your domain name. Below you will find some website names, which give excellent service.

Where to buy web hosting


HostGator is one of the popular web hosting service that offers shared hosting plans, a cPanel dashboard for managing your website, and excellent customer service. The company was founded in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University in 2002 but has since moved its headquarters to Austin and Houston, Texas.

If you are a beginner, then you can choose shared hosting plans of HostGator.When it comes to Web Hosting, Hostgator is a name that has a name all over the world and Hostgator famous all over the world for its quality customer support and excellent service.

HostGator's shared hosting can quickly get you started with a website. It offers all types of web hosting plans. Two options: traditional shared hosting or cloud hosting.

Shared Hosting

HostGator has three shared hosting plans. Here's how they're different:

1.Hatchling Plan

Support for a single hosted website, Unmetered bandwidth, and storage, A one-click installer.

2. Baby Plan

In this plan, you can use just one domain name; you can host an unlimited number of websites and subdomains. The baby plan is similar to the Hatchling plan.

3.Business Plan

If you have many websites, then you can use the business plan. The most expensive Hostgator Hosting Plan, so you get many features in it.
1. Unlimited Domains
2. Unlimited disk space
3. Unlimited Email Account
4. SSL certificate
5. Dedicated IP
6. Upgrade to Positive SSL

Cloud Hosting

HostGator's cloud-based shared hosting option runs twice as fast as shared hosting because your website is a host on a low-density server that features premium hardware along with several caching layers.

Cloud hosting plans also provide four times the sources of shared plans. Should you determine that this option is Ideal for you, you will find 3 Distinct plans from which you can buy.
Another best thing everyone likes about HostGator is their uptime. Always in mind that this is very important as downtimes can mean losses in your business. Well, HostGator guarantees 99.9% uptime.

HostGator gives you 24/7/365 customer support to their customers. If you face any problem HostGator expert to help you out with your issues and concerns via live chat, phone, and email.


In the year 1996, BlueHost entered the internet hosting market, and since then, it has become the hosting base for more than 1.5 million websites. So there is no doubt that BlueHost has a lot of experience in services like Hosting. If you want to create your blog or website on WordPress, then we recommend you to take Web Hosting of BlueHost.

Bluehost has been the official Web Hosting Partner of WordPress since 2005, WordPress always gives top priority to Bluehost's web hosting and also brings reasonable Offers for WordPress. Its customer support is also fantastic so that you can get 24/7 support.


For low prices, we recommend Bluehost's shared hosting to beginners, but if you want faster load time, then you choose Bluehost's only optimized WordPress hosting. Although it is expensive than Bluehost's shared hosting plans, you get many such features in it, so that the loading time of your WordPress site is fast.

Benefits of choosing Bluehost's WordPress hosting:

  • Free Domain Name
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • If you need more resources for more traffic, then you can dynamically scale the server.
  • Dedicated storage for automatic backups and backups.
  • Integrated SiteLock features to keep your site secure
Bluehost's WordPress hosting uses NGINX web servers, while their shared hosting uses Apache web servers. NGINX hosting performs significantly better than Apache, especially for high traffic sites. In this test, NGINX performed 4.2 times better than the Apache server, on average.


You must have heard about GoDaddy, but do not know about it. History of Godaddy (History of GoDaddy). Learn about it today. GoDaddy is a Domain Seller Website. The best website to buy Domain Name is GoDaddy. They can also be called Domain Registrar.


GoDaddy was founded in 1997 by Baltimore, Maryland, Entrepreneur Bob Persons. It has already a million customers worldwide and over 6,000 employees. It is a huge and famous company, which provides Online Domain Service. GoDaddy's ads are available on TV and in newspapers also.

GoDaddy Domain Name is Seller & Registrar, which provides service. Now it comes to what is Domain Name? Domain Name means website name like Facebook's Domain Name is Facebook.com, And it placed behind the name of the website, it is called Domain Name. There are many domain names like - .in .net .org .news .info .Club.Store .co.in .co .tech .org.in .us.

Godaddy also is one of the top hosting companies in the world and offers all types of hosting and domains to start users like you and me. GoDaddy is offering four different types of hosting (shared, VPS, Dedicated, and WordPress) and many excellent features. Its pricing plans aren't cheap, but all the extras make GoDaddy a bit special. Alongside hosting, it has a website builder and is the world's largest domain registrar.

GoDaddy’s pricing starts at just Rs 99 per month for its shared hosting, and VPS hosting starts at Rs 1399 per month, reseller hosting Rs 1999 per month. The most expensive GoDaddy plan is for dedicated hosting, which costs a minimum of Rs 4719 per month.

4. Which company to buy hosting from?

You will have many options to buy web hosting, but you have to decide which company will be right according to your needs. It is essential to have some information before purchasing hosting.

Disk Space

Disk Space is the storage capacity of your hosting. Just like 500GB and 1TB of space hard disk of your computer. If possible, buy hosting with unlimited disk space. With this, you will never run the risk of getting disk is full.


How much data can access from your website in a second, we call it bandwidth. When someone is accessing your site, your server uses some data and shares its information. If your bandwidth is low and more visitors are accessing your website, then your website will be down.


The amount of time your website remains online or available is called uptime. Sometimes your website gets down due to some problems, meaning it is not open. We call it downtime. Nowadays every company gives a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Customer service

Every hosting company says that they provide 24 × 7 customer service. But in the end, it is not like this. I am using Sitground and it gives the best customer service. so that reason choosing the right web hosting.

5. Types of Web Hosting

You know what is web hosting and how it works. Now understand what kind of things they are. There are many types of web hosting, but in today's time, we will only know about those that used the most. So basically there are 6 types of web hosting
  1. Shared web hosting
  2. VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  3. Dedicated hosting
  4. Cloud Web Hosting
  5. Reseller Web Hosting
  6. Free Web Hosting Service

Shared Web Hosting

Shared WordPress hosting called WordPress hosting. This is the cheapest hosting package for starters. A shared hosting package is enough for any standard WordPress blog or site, and you will get it budget itself. In Shared Hosting, you will share your hosting space with others. In a technical sense, in such a hosting environment, many websites are hosted on a single server only.

It means that all sites have the same I.P. Address will be there, and you will also be sharing server resources. There will not be a dedicated resource for any user, and anyone can use any available resource. However in shared hosting, when a user website is using lots of resources, the hosting company suspends such an account to save other websites.

Advantage of Shared Hosting

  • It is very easy to use and set up this hosting.
  • This is a great option for Basic Websites.
  • Its price is cheap, so everyone can buy it.
  • Its control panel is very user-friendly.

The disadvantage of Shared Hosting

  • In this, you will get minimal resources to access.
  • Since you share the server with others in it, there is a possibility of getting a little lower in its performance.
  • Its security is not as good.
  • Most of the companies do not provide much support in this.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a full form of the virtual private network. There is no sharing in this. A secure and robust server divided into virtually separate parts.

But a different resource is used for each virtual server. With which your website can use as many resources as it needs. Here you do not have to share with any other site, and your website gets the best security and performance. This hosting is a bit costly and uses websites with more visitors. If you want performance like a dedicated server in less money, then VPS is best for you.

Advantage of VPS Hosting

  • This hosting provided the best performance.
  • In this, you get full control just like dedicated hosting.
  • In this, you get more flexibility because you can customize it in your way and change it like memory upgrades, bandwidth.
  • It is not more valuable than Dedicated Hosting, due to which anyone can buy it, whose traffic is more.
  • Its privacy and security are excellent.
  • Apart from this, you received excellent support.

The disadvantage of VPS Hosting

  • In this, you received fewer resources than dedicated hosting.
  • To use it, you must have technical knowledge.

Dedicated Hosting

Like shared hosting, many websites share the space of a single server. Its example is the same as if a person has a big house of his own and no one is allowed to live in it, and only the person has all the responsibility of that house, the work of dedicated hosting is also similar.

The server that is in the dedicated hosting stores only and stores only one website's files and it is also fastest. There is no sharing in it. And this hosting is the most expensive because only one person has to pay its full rent. On whose website more visitors come every month, this hosting is only right for them. And also for those who want to earn more money from their website. Many e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal are used dedicated hosting, only.

Advantage of Dedicated Hosting

  • In this, the client is given more control and flexibility over the server.
  • Security is the highest compared to all hosting.
  • It is the most stable.
  • In this, full root / administrative access provided to the client.

The disadvantage of Dedicated Hosting

  • All this is expensive compared to hosting.
  • It is necessary to have the technical knowledge to control it.
  • Here you cannot solve your problems yourself, due to which you have to hire technicians.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud web hosting is a hosting that uses the resources of other clustered servers. It means that your website uses virtual resources of different servers so that it completes all aspects of your hosting.

Here the load is balanced, special care taken of the security, and all the hardware resources are virtually available in it so that it can use anytime and anywhere. Here the cluster of servers is called the cloud.

Advantage of Cloud Hosting

  • Here the chances of the server being down are very low because everything is available in the cloud.
  • Here big high traffic can also be easily handled.

The disadvantage of Cloud Hosting

  • Here root access facility is not provided.
  • This hosting is slightly more expensive than the rest.

Reseller Web Hosting

This type of Web Hosting provides a user with the right to resell Shared Hosting. For example, if you want to become a Shared-Hosting Reseller yourself, then you have to purchase Reseller Web Hosting Service.

Generally, people purchase this type of web hosting when their website needs the same amount of resources. It is not possible to meet any requirements by any Shared-Host at any cost. That is if there is so much traffic on your website, which cannot be handled by Shared Host and Shared Host becomes Crash, again and again, then, in that case, you may need to buy Reseller Web Hosting for your website. While you can also resell your Hosting Space as Shared-Hosting Space to others.

Reseller Hosting Account is a type of Shared Hosting Account, but with this account, you get more Tools and Hosting Space, whereas as Technical Control you would get Web Host Manager (WHM) Control Panel instead of CPanel. There is also a Billing Software, which allows you to accept payment from your client when you are selling your hosting Space to your clients. Apart from this, there are some other types of facilities with this account as follows:
  • Free Website Templates.
  • White Label Technical Support - Reseller Company itself provides technical support for our clients.
  • Private Name Server also provides so that we can define more than one Name Servers.

Free Web Hosting

We cannot trust this type of web hosting at all, because there is no guarantee of how long such a web host will host our website. Even we do not get time to take a backup of our website by such free web hosting providers. Therefore, it is good to stay away from this type of Web Hosting provider

Limitations of this type of web hosting are so much that these types of web hosts are of no use to us. Free Web Hosts are commonly used for Testing purposes by students or hobbies.

Free Web Hosts are not really free, but the primary purpose of these Free Hosts is that once you establish your website on them so that later they can force you to buy Hosting Space on your Web Host because when These Hosting Providers ban your site once, after that you can take the backup of your website only if you buy at least their Basic Plan and the Charge of their Basic Plan is so much.

6. Linux vs Windows Web Hosting

When purchasing hosting, you have two options. One is Linux, and the other is Windows. Have you ever thought about what the difference between the two is? You can use either of the two hostings, but Windows hosting is a bit expensive. Linux is an open-source operating system, so the hosting company does not have to pay to use it. That is why it is cheaper.

But the company has to pay for the license of Windows, which is why it is expensive. Both the servers are great, but Windows is considered more secure than Linux. You will find most blogs and websites in the Linux server itself, as they are cheaper and give more features than Windows.

7. Conclusion

In this article, you will know what is web hosting, how many types are there and where to buy, etc. I hope you liked this information.

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