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Full list of WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts 2019

Full list of WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts 2019.WordPress is a famous website builder and blogging platform. So today we discuss WordPress's keyboard shortcut. Lots of WordPress beginners use their mouse to access these formatting and styling buttons on the editor. With the help of WordPress keyboard shortcuts, you can rest your hands on the keyboard and edit your posts faster.

At the same time, lots want us to work smart, so if you're blogging, you can use keyboard shortcuts to manage your blog, and you can backup your kit or speed it up with it.

So lets Blogger keyboard shortcut is going to share with you if you are a blogger then you should know this. Keyboard shortcuts speed up the work on any platform.

WordPress Keyboard Shortcut

WordPress is so easy to use if we had to do something we could easily do it. In WordPress, the first thing to do with the keyboard shortcut is to make it easy.

After going to the WordPress Dashboard, go to Users> Your Profile>check Keyboard Shortcuts checkbox.

Full list of WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts 2019

After that, you need to click the Save Profile button and go back to the Comments screen in the admin area.

WordPress Editor Shortcuts

Generally, we all work from the mouse or trackpad while typing the post, but you can use Shorkey for the work.

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WordPress Keyboard Shortcut for Windows users:

Ctrl + v Paste
Ctrl + a Select All
Ctrl + x Cut
Ctrl + z Undo
Ctrl +yRedo
Ctrl + i Italic
Ctrl + u Underline
Ctrl +kInsert/edit link
Alt + Shift + x Display the selected text
Alt + Shift + h Show keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl + p Print
Ctrl + b Bold
Ctrl + i Italic

Alt + Shift + key

This following shortcuts use a different key combination: Windows/Linux: “Alt + Shift (⇧) + letter”. Mac: “Ctrl + Option (alt ⌥) + letter”.

nCheck Spelling (This requires a plugin.)
lAlign Left
jJustify Text
cAlign Center
rAlign Right
u• List
aInsert link
o1. List
sRemove link
mInsert Image
wDistraction-Free Writing Mode
tInsert More Tag
pInsert Page Break tag
xAdd/remove code tag
1Heading 1
2Heading 2
3Heading 3
4Heading 4
5Heading 5
6Heading 6

WordPress Keyboard Shortcut for Mac users:

Command + c Copy
Command + v Paste
Command + b Bold
Command + i Italic
Command + x Cut
Command + a Select All
Command + z Undo Command + s Save your changes
Option + Control + x Display the selected text in a monospaced font
Command + p Print
Command + u Underline the selected text
Command + k Convert the selected text into a link
Option + Control + hShow keyboard shortcuts

Formatting Shortcuts

* or –Start an unordered list
1. or 1)Start an ordered list
>transform the text into a blockquote
horizontal line
..transform the text into a code block

Keyboard Shortcuts for Comments

In WordPress you can manage all the comments with short keys, by this, you can save time very easily. If you want to use a comment shortcut key then at first open the comment section and go to the keyboard and press j or k key, after comment will automatically select.

aApprove Comment
sMove to Spam
dDelete Comment
zRestore comment
uunapproved comment
rReply to comment (press ECS for cancel reply)
qQuick Edit Comment
eEdit Comment

When you receive a lot of comments, then you can moderate comments quickly using keyboard shortcuts for comment management. However, these shortcuts are not enabled by default.

If you select multiple comments press X to check the selected comment and press J or K keys to move to next or previous comment.

Shift + A = Approve checked comments

Shift + D = Delete checked comments

Shift + U = Unapprove selected comments

Shift + T = Move selected comments to trash

Shift + Z = Restore selected comments from trash

keyboard shortcuts are very helpful to all users when composing a post. It takes some time to get used to these WordPress keyboard shortcuts, but after, they will definitely help you save time and speed up the process.


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