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Domain authority checker free tool 2019 help blogger

Domain authority checker free tool 2019 help blogger.domain authority checker: Many keep talking about the Domain Authority these days if you have the high authority of the site, it helps to more quickly the website ranks. There is more than 200 ranking factor of Google, which checked before showing any result. So such website authority and page authority must be good.

1) What is domain authority?

Domain authority developed by SEO that tries to predict how well a website will rank on search engines. Domain authority score ranges between 1 to 100. If your Domain high authority score that means your complete website to rank very good in search engine results.

Domain authority checker free tool 2019 help blogger

The domain authority of a website based on the number of quality external backlinks, also good internal links. If you want to check it, then the Website Authority Checker helps you to know what is the authority of your website. It also shows the result of how well your site performs on Google. The higher your site score, it results from the website will rank.

Domain authority checker free

DA is a full form of Domain authority. Domain Authority measures the ranking of entire domains or subdomains. The score of the web site's domain is out of 100.

Keep in mind that the higher the domain authority, it shows the better result, but And it is also not the case that the website which has less domain authority which is not ranking on google.

Some Important Things About Domain Authority!

  • Many website owners say that you can improve the domain authority of your website by 20-30. But after that, it grows very hard. As 20-30, your domain authority increases in a very short period, but after it will take time to increases. Domain authority based on an algorithm.
  • Increasing a website's domain authority is not an easy thing. It is not like that you bought your domain today and created a website and tomorrow your domain authority will increase. Domain authority rises over time if the quality of the site is excellent.
  • There are more than 200 ranking factors of Google. What are the factors Nobody knows, but there are about 40 factors for domain authority?

2) How is the domain authority calculated?

According to Moz, Domain Authority calculates by several steps. The number of incoming links pointing to your website.The quality and relevancy of inbound links.The quality of your website’s content. The popularity of your domain and your site's social media performance.

3) What is a good domain authority score?

Many people ask this question What is a good domain authority score? I think there is no magic number here. It depends on how your website performs in the google search engine. how your article rank in google. The “good” score of domain authority also depends on how your sites competing with on SERPs.

Domain authority checker plugin

To measure your domain authority, you can use MozBar, a free Chrome extension.

Domain authority checker Moz

The DA is a search engine ranking score. It helps you predict how good your webpage will rank on result pages. This ranking developed by Moz, a company based in the USA. The company also offers a lot of SEO tools.

4) How to increase domain authority

Domain authority is calculated based on 40+ link-based metrics by MOZ; If you want to increase your domain authority, you should create quality backlinks from high authority domains. Also, create a Guest post helps you to get good backlinks.

Friends, I will tell you how to increase Domain Authority in 2019 if you want to know. And want to increase the authority of any of your websites ie, Domain. So keep reading this post.

Step 1: Off-Page SEO

Your website should have good quality backlinks from the high-quality domain. You also Remove bad links from your website. Reconnect Broken Links.

Step 2: On-Page SEO Optimization

The next step is improving your domain authority by work on your on-page SEO. At first you Optimized titles and Descriptions. Rightly use of Headings (H1 and H2) within your content.URL structure and SEO optimized permalinks. Also Optimizing your images, videos, and other media elements, Find high-quality keywords. Adding internal links to your content.

Step 3: Your Technical SEO

The Important SEO settings you need to do at first.
  • Create your XML sitemap and submit to Google.
  • Check your robots.txt settings and also check other search engine spiders can easily crawl your website without any issue.
  • Convert your website to https.
  • Register your website with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools.
  • Add structured data (schema) information. It helps the search engines understand the context of your content
  • Create about Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy Page.
Step 4: Your Website is Mobile Friendly

If you have a mobile-friendly website, then its called user-friendly site because nowadays most of the user search on google by using mobile. Mobile searches are now more than desktop, Mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor at present days if you do not have a mobile-friendly version of your website, its bad impact on your overall Domain Authority Score. You Also use a mobile-friendly theme, AMP.

Step 5: Improve Your Page Speed

If your page speed high then it ranks first. Improving your page speed will not only improve your rankings and domain authority, but it will make the user experience better.

Things You Follow

  • At first, you Remove unnecessary plugins.
  • Always Update plugins.
  • Install the latest version of WordPress.
  • Contact your hosting provider and ask them to give you a report on your server's performance.
  • Use a caching plugin like wp rocket. Optimize the file size of images.
Step 6: Increase Your Social Signals

If you want to increase your domain authority, you work on your Facebook business page and try to increase your followers. Connect the Social Media Platform to your website and connect the site to them as well.

Apart from this, if you are a blogger, then you choose a time to publish the post. It will increase your Trust Flow. And Visiter as well?

5. Domain authority checker online

At present days few domain authority checkers available online which you can use to check your website’s DA.


At first, you open the official Moz site explorer where you type in your domain or sub-domain address, and it will show you the latest DA score. Moz Domain Authority checker (free).If you are using the Chrome or Firefox browser, you can use the MozBar extension to check the domain authority and page authority of any webpage.

Domain authority checker free tool

How Does Moz Calculate Domain Authority?

If you want to check your domain's performance on Moz, at first Open Site Explorer can give you an idea of how well your website will be ranked on search engines.
  • 40 and 50 is average
  • 50 and 60 score well.
  • over 60 is the score is excellent.

Website Authority Checker – SEO Review Tools

Website Authority Checker by SEO Review Tools is a helpful free tool that allows you to check the Domain Authority and Page Authority. It is effortless to use and completely free. You can use this tool without any limitations.

Website Authority Checker – SEO Review Tools

It is one of the best Domain Authority Checker tools because by using this tool, you check DA, PA, and Social share altogether. You can also know that your URL age and Website age along with External links pointing to your domain and page.

Domain Authority Checker – Small SEO Tools

Domain Authority Checker – Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is another free tool for domain authority checks. It is a helpful tool that allows users to check domain authority of up to 10 domains at a time. It is a powerful tool that is very simple and free.


All tools listed above are free and very easy to use. So today I describe what is the domain authority and Domain authority checker free tool 2019 help blogger.

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