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10 tips How to increase organic traffic on the blog?

10 tips How to increase organic traffic on the blog?: Friends today, we are going to know how to increase the organic traffic on your blog in 2019?

Friends in the past, backlink play a vital role in the Google ranking of your blog. Now everything is changed, today if you are creating low-quality backlink, then your blog search ranking goes down. Now if you are creating high-quality backlinks, then you can improve your Google ranking.

Nowadays, the quality content and good on-page SEO also play a vital role in the post ranking of your website or blog. You know that Google always updates something to make its user experience better. So this is the reason now if you try to rank your blog or website on Google's first page incorrectly. Then you may have a big loss.

10 tips How to increase organic traffic on the blog

10 SEO Tips increase organic traffic (2019)

Let's talk about 10 tips. How to increase organic traffic on the blog?

1. Set up important tools and plugins first

Whenever you create a blog for the first time, you must install three important so tools and plugins on your WordPress.

Google Search console

Through Google search console, you first submit your blog to Google's webmaster. After that, your blog starts showing on Google search results.

Also, with the help of Google Search Console, you can find out which your targeted keywords are ranking on Google. And you also know about the Seo issues, from the Google search console. Always you do the setting of Google search console at first.

Google Analytics

Through Google Analytics, you can know everything about your blog or website. How much traffic is coming, from which platform, also know the from which pages traffic is coming more.

Set Up Yoast SEO Plugin

SEO Plugin on your blog. It will help you with good on-page SEO of your website or blog. Yoast SEO plugin helps you to do perfectly on-page SEO, and it also indicates if you do any wrong thing for SEO.

Best Alternative of Yoast SEO plugin is Rank Math, which is new, but it has more features. You can also use it.


2. Find the keywords that visitors are searching(organic traffic)

The most important and first step in the blog's SEO is to find those which keywords related to your topic. Which visitors are searching on Google. Now the question is how to find such keywords.

Naturally, when you do some search on Google's search bar, Google already starts giving some suggestions. Google shows all the related suggestions which people are searching on Google.
How to increase organic traffic

So you have to use the same method, whatever topic you want to write a blog post, write it in Google's search bar. And you don't press the enter Google will give you some idea of the keyword, which can be your main keyword for the blog post because people are searching for them. And keep your primary keyword always a long tail.

Also, there are many keyword research tools on the market, some of which are free, and some paid. My suggestion you can use google keyword planner because here Google itself tells you about the keywords. You can also use Ubbersuggest.

3. Keyword Optimize Content(organic traffic)

The 3rd tip is that you already find the keyword, now you have to optimize that keyword correctly in your article.

So now I am going to tell you some crucial points, where you use the keyword in your article.

Title Tag

First of all, you have to use your keyword in the title of your article which your main keyword. Use the main keyword in the first para and last para.

Use the main keyword in the first para and last para

You also have to use the keywords in your articles first paragraph and the last paragraph. That helps to good on-page SEO.

Use the main keyword in Article URL

increase organic traffic

You must use the main on your URL of your article, which we also call Permalink. And always try to keep the URL of your article as a short type.

Use the main keyword in H1, H2 and H3 Heading

The title of the article is called H1. Then you have to use the keywords in H2, and H3

4. Find and Fix Technical SEO Problem (organic traffic)

Whenever you go to the Google search console and see the ranking factor of your website, then you will also see some technical issues there. You have to fix this issue because this issue also affects your Google ranking.

Optimize your Blog or website mobile-friendly

Nowadays the value of the mobile increase so if your blog or website is not open on mobile. Then your ranking can go down in Google, so always make your blog mobile-friendly. Mobile-First Index is now the ranking signal of Google.

Improve your Blog or website loading speed

How much time to take open your blog or website it is also an essential factor for google ranking. So keep your blog or website loading speed fast in Google ranking.

When use images in your article, then always compress the image. Do not use more plugins that are not important. Do not use more images videos on your website and blog.

You will find many free tools on Google so that you can check the loading speed of your blog or website. Like PINGDOM.

5. High-quality content Create

In the world of the Internet, the king is the one whose content is super, so it also said that "content is king."That's why whenever you write an article, whether it is on any topic, write it in-depth.

High-quality content means that whenever a visitor reaches your article with a query related to your topic. Then visitor confusion should clear it after reading your article.

All-time keep your article simple so that the user can easily understand and it results in your bounce-rate is too low, which will give you a lot of help in Google ranking.

Nowadays you can also use videos, images, and infographics that related to your article, it also gives you a lot of help in improving Google rankings.

6. Create High-quality Backlink

In the past, if you did a lot of backlinks through forums, directories, or web-2.0 for your blog or website, you got top ranking in Google.

But now if you do this in 2019, then you will not rank Google, but yes it will give a penalty. So in 2019, you have to create only high-quality backlinks. How can you make that? I am going to tell you below.

Guest Post

You can get a high-quality backlink through a guest post on the top blog related to your blog. Here you have first to see that in whatever blog you are giving your guest post, that of course, related to your blog. And the link that you get from there, you get it from the middle of the content, then it called a very high-quality backlink. Also, you have to write a guest post on a blog whose domain authority is quite good.

Use Infographics

The second best way to create high-quality backlinks on your blog is by giving him infographics. Nowadays, you must have seen that people like those types of content more on social media which have written inside an image. You can find many simple free infographics sites on Google, where you can create and submit information related to your topic. And from there you can take high-quality backlinks.

Connect with Influencer and take backlink

You can connect with many people related to your topic who are Already Famous. And you can tell them that you also provide high-quality content related to the topic. You can ask them If you give a backlink, then you can also get a very high-quality backlink.

7. Increase Followers on social media

At today's time, you know that after Google or people are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So if you want traffic in the beginning, then you have to activate your blog on all social media platforms. That means you need to create pages related to your blog on all social media platforms. And you have to share your posts regularly and increase your followers.

In 2019, Google will give the top ranking to those blogs or websites whose social media will have good followers because Google sees that people like this particular blog post. Therefore, make your blog active on all social media platforms.

8. Update your Article

If you want to rank at the top of Google in 2019, then you will have to keep updating your article. Because in the world of the internet, things keep updating very fast, and everyone likes fresh content. Therefore, you have been regularly updating your old article that it will improve your ranking on Google.

9. Create Content Regularly

You must write a quality article, and along with that, you also have to publish your article regularly. So that Google feels that this blog or website keeps regularly working, which will give you a good ranking on Google.

10. Always Keep Passions and learn more

SEO is a massive concept that you cannot learn quickly, so you will have to work with Passions. And you will always try to learn something about Seo, only then you will be able to create good SEO on your blog.

You will also have to analyze your blog in which articles are ranking you and for what reason. Apart from this, you regularly check famous bloggers' sites related to your topic in the market and learn from them.


So here we discuss 10 tips How to increase organic traffic on the blog?. Subscribe to keep reading more similar informational posts and to get notifications about new blog posts. Comment below to ask any questions related to this blog post.

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