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How To Optimize Content Completely On-Page Seo 2019

How To Optimize Content Completely On-Page Seo 2019:  This is a very important part of blogging in 2020. How you can rank your post by good on-page SEO, it also performs a very important role for your post rank. So in this post, I have described On-Page SEO, how Content Perfectly Optimize.

What is on-page SEO?

When we write our blog posts or articles, whatever you implement in your article such as title, title, permalink, photo, etc. Optimizing is called on-page SEO. If you want to put your post at the top of the search engine and on the blog, the search engine wants to increase the number of organic traffic coming to the blog. So you have to fully optimize Page SEO.

How To Optimize Content Completely On-Page Seo 2019

Which will show your post in the Search Engine On top? And your blog will also grow on organic visitors. So let's know how to optimize.

How To Optimize Content perfectly

1:- Keyword Research

In the On-page SEO, Keywords play the big roll. When you write a post, the keywords have to be optimized in a great way. But first, you have to read the keyword research for your post. And you have to select high-quality keywords for your post. Also, you will have to use Short Tails Keyword to use the short stories on your post. Because the competition on the small tail is very high. That's why your post becomes very difficult to get rank. But in the long tail, the competition is not very high, so you can easily find your post better. The meta tag description should be 160 characters.

2:- Select Catchy Post Title

The title of the post is very important for SEO. So when you write the title of a post, you add keywords that are targeted to your title, that is, the keywords you want to rank on your post.

For example, you are writing a post about the recipe Vanilla Cake Recipe. The title of your post is "Easy vanilla Cake Recipe" or "vanilla Cake Recipe for Kids." Apart from this, if a search engine chooses the vanilla Cake Recipe, then your site will show up first.

3:- Use Custom Permalink

Use custom permalink on your post, and make permalink always small and about keyword ink. Do not make extra-look URLs like Remove additional words, add keywords related to post titles, select short permalink targeting keywords abc.com/on-page-seo

4:- Image Optimization

When you write a post in your post, you add the image to it so you also optimize that image. Because the search engine does not know what's on your image from an empty image. It is very important to customize the photo of the post. In image optimization, rename your image, compress it, and use ALT tags too. Suppose that your post is keyword focus on-page SEO so you have written on your ALT tag.

5:- Headings (H2, H3 H4, etc)

Subheading allows visitors to read posts easily. And only you can add related keywords to H3, H4. Which also places your post on keywords related to the keyword. But in the headings, you must always remember that H1 is your title.

So you have to start with the heading H2. And on H2, you add your focus keyword and on the other, you add related keywords. What is on-page SEO? How to make the content fully customizable But even if you are confused, then you can ask your own question on the comment box below.

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